About CenBA

Our Origins and Story

Small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) are the engine of growth in the Ghanaian economy. This sector creates a very significant portion of the workforce in the country The significance of the sector has been strengthened by the recognition of SMMEs contribution to the economy by institutions and policy makers. CenBA Business Excellence Awards has been established to reward innovations and success stories of entrepreneurs who have contributed to the growth of the Ghanaian economy.

We want to do much more than congratulating them and given them awards. CenBA Business Excellence Awards has been established because we strongly believe that Ghanaian entrepreneurs (businesses) has a key role to play in solving major economic issues facing the country and the globe; graduate and youth unemployment, fighting poverty, better working environment. It is our believe that building an innovative and more successful business communities will help address these changes. The European Business Awards aims to do exactly that in three ways.

Why CenBA Business Awards.

CenBA Business Excellence awards has been established specifically to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst businesses in the country by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well-deserved recognition for their achievements. We hope you will support this wealthy course to enable us celebrate our true entrepreneurs. CenBA Business Excellence awards is to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst businesses in the country by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well-deserved recognition for their ambitions. CenBA Business Excellence Awards will celebrate, encourage excellence and identify those roles models (entrepreneurs) in outstanding achievement in their businesses and recognition and also provide inspiration to businesses and set benchmarks for best practices

Aims and Objectives

CenBA Business Excellence awards is to recognize and reward business excellence across all sectors, private, public and charity. Open to organizations of any size and individuals based in Ghana.

  • To showcase the region’s successful SMMEs and their contribution to the growth of the economy.
  • To promote and highlight the role that SMMEs play in the socio- economic development of Ghana
  • To bring businesses, stakeholders and SMMEs together “under one roof” for networking and ideas sharing.
  • To help promote SMMEs development for job creation

Target Market

The event will attract Business Owners, high level Executives from the private sector, Government, small, micro and medium scale enterprises, and other VIP’s throughout the Region and beyond


To be eligible your business must be in operation for over twelve months. Nominees may be individual, sole traders, partners, franchisees or owners of limited companies and incorporated businesses.

Benefits to Awardees

CenBA Graduate Institute together with its local and international partner (Invest in Africa) are establishing one of the innovative business incubation centers (“CenBA Innovation HUB”) in Ghana (Accra & Kumasi) which will offer free business training, support, networking and mentorship to entrepreneurs in the country).

Below are some of the benefits to all awardees.

  • Improve Your Business: A full 12 months business training and support at our business incubation center (CenBA Innovation HUB)
  • Find Opportunities: Opportunity to work with industry experts to identify strength and weakness of each awardee (SMMEs) business and improve their competitiveness
  • Promote Your Business: Exclusive access to local and global events with leading companies and industry experts on how to overcome business challenges in Ghana.
  • Mentoring Support: Support and involvement of large companies in the delivery of management and entrepreneurship training with our local and global partners.
  • International Recognition: Receiving CenBA Business Excellence Awards tells stakeholders, customers, policy makers and the general public your role as an entrepreneur to the development of the country and how confident and proud you are of your achievement.
  • Corporate Association: Entering the Awards enables you to associate and align with the business community both local and abroad.
  • Free publicity on our websites
  • www.cenba.org www.africanpartnerpool.

  • Three (3) complimentary corporate tickets for you and members of your company on the day of the event.
  • Recognition and success in the competition brings high levels of exposure and acclaim for your organization. What do some of our previous winners say?
  • COMMENDATION “being recognized for our success at Angel Group of companies from a high caliber company and its local and international partners represents a significant endorsement for our business.” Angel Group of Companies (Adonko Bitters & Angel Broadcasting Services)
  • NETWORKING “It was a night full of fun, networking and interesting conference full of feeling and great business contacts. We met and interacted with several companies and we are hoping it will lead to success business.” Agyaba Jewelry Company limited.
  • EXPOSURE “being part of CenBA Business Excellence Awards got us into contact with many new potential clients who expressed their willing to do business with us” A.O Travel and Tour Limited.
  • LEARNING “CenBA Awards has helped our company to meet with many different companies from different sectors which gives us the opportunity to spread our business across these sectors.” Quama Food Limited


  • Adonko Bitters
  • Agyaba Jewelry
  • Taabea company ltd
  • Yellow and Orange Pharmacy
  • Jeomaxx Roofing.


  • Ministry for Business Development
  • Invest in Africa
  • ALTIS Post Business School.
  • Catholic University of Milan, Italy
  • Kumasi Technical University
  • Center for Business Administration.